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Looking to take your life to the next level, without sacrificing your time?



Are you ready to recognize and push past your limiting beliefs and take your life to the next level? Let's get started.

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Untangled coaches listen first, coach second. We are straight forward, honest and may even swear on occasion. We are trained to call you out in a way that supports you, reminding you why you are here and what is on the other side of this growth.

This style of coaching is effective, fast, and action-oriented. Feeling aligned? 

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How do we do it?


We start with an assessment of where you are. If we liken coaching to going somewhere new, if you don't know where are starting from, you will never get there.


Then we talk about where you want to go, or your destination. These are the goals and objectives you have both personally and professionally. 


Finally, we create a customised action plan. Are you going to walk, drive or fly? Let's figure out the best way to get to where you want to go. 


Not every millionaire has a coach. But every billionaire does.

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Got Questions?

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And the bad news?

Think of coaching like fitness training. While we hold you accountable, support you through your journey and help you get the results you want,  we cannot do the work for you. Your fitness trainer cannot do the pushups for you. Neither can we. 

Tools and Extras

Looking for more tools to help you make changes? Let us know. We can provide tools that are specific to the areas you are are looking for. No cookie cutter solutions, but catered and individual resources.

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"Tanya at Untangled International is unlike any other coach I've had. She is so quick, to the point and action driven that I leave our calls feeling like I have accomplished something and am ready for the next big thing."

-Ashley W.

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